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So… where's the content? Was it supposed to go between the intro and ending screens? Double check your videos before you do the final submitting dude. The artwork that existed at least got you 1.5, I rounded up voting because I felt bad.

ToonymanStudios responds:

the video is playing fine on my part! did you not see the bird get hit by a rock!? it was all in white screen there's no way anybody could miss that. and yes it's between the intros and endings (that's the absolute scene).

The video is a Pilot-Bit it's not a full Pilot, it's suppose to be quicker and simpler to the characters introduction. it's not like your normal pilot. the episode however will be longer than but shorter than industry standards. in short i cut down time on everything from what's standard I,m only 1 guy after all with so many things in my way.

Please! Remember to Subscribe! here on newgrounds so you can get more Content upon there release from me. just hit that little Add to favorite Heart on top Corner.
The Pilot-Bit is something new that I created, it's a way to show off a new cartoon series and get recognition for it. without wasting to much time and effort on it, until the real series. pretty much a Plot-Bit has no sense of time it can be any length but the work is fast and simple and without spoiling too much. it's super direct when the real first episode come it will be much different than the Pilot-Bits, they just take longer to make that where i take my time.

I hope this answers your questions.

and if your having issue viewing the video i suggest you clear your browsers cache.

I'll admit, it's definitely better than a lot of the nooby crap I see uploaded that looks like someone scribbled on MS paint in black and white for about five minutes and spent 30 seconds to write "plz vote 5 hurhur lolz" on their description. You definitely should've put some sort of preloader on there though, so it didn't infinitely loop, would've taken only a few extra minutes.

PS, the hills on the TV look like a butt. XD

Chauder responds:

Yea, i couldn't figure out how to do it on CS4 at school, haha. and yes... it does look like a butt

Not bad, considering the time and money you didn't have for it. I could see this being used as a storyboard for a future animation (one that isn't limited to a budget or time-crunch).

SuperLME responds:

Thank you


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First of all, the intro to the menu was pretty good looking. The introductory cutscene was damn funny. (Haven't seen any others because I've not gotten past the first level yet, but I've only tried a couple times.) Music was very nice and fitting. The controls were… decent. I have no gripe with the placement of them, I actually like the idea of basing it on real flight controls, including the aileron roll (not a barrel roll ;D) to invert the controls. Was able to pull off figure-8s even using that. XD

My griping is more with the responsiveness of said controls. They're too sensitive. I get that this game was made in a bit of a haste, but the thing turns too fast too fast. Yes, I mean exactly what I just typed. It probably would've been better for the anglular change to accelerate from zero to what the speed is in the game, rather than instantly turn. It's not too big an issue though. Overall, the controls, while sort of counter-intuitive, are decent. (I cannot fucking stand these reviews that say "omg horrible controls 0/10" "unplayable broken controls u suck" "up is down an down is up? wtf 0." It's like all they did was hit play and gave up the first time, didn't even bother to try to learn it. There's an instruction selection for a reason.)

The weapons were decent. There was no need for anyone to complain about the "slow gun" because you could fire it like semi-auto, as fast as you can press the spacebar. I personally think bombs would've been a great addition to the weapon selection. Nothing else really there for me to talk about.

In fact, there's nothing else I can really get on about on this game, having only played the first level. As far as I've played, it's smooth, controls are decent and are really responsive, your arsenal isn't terribly limited, and the one cutscene I watched was funny. Pretty good for a hasty game. :)

Potatoman responds:

Thank you for all the insight man! I wish I had responded to this earlier! I will definitely keep your review in mind with my future games. <3

"…made you wanna keep playing their game about… squares…" (Sorry, Sequelitis quote. XD)
Those damned squares… *flips off squares*
This game is ridiculously awesome, what with the "I KNOW I can beat that" to "WHERE DID THAT WALL COME FROM?! #%@$%!!!" :)
Reminds me of Atari's 80s arcade games like Tempest and Battlezone, what with the 3D vector look and title screen and whatnot. :D
I've only gotten 1200 unlocked so far, but that'll change soon… hopefully…
If you could produced this for an arcade cabinet, you'd be makin' some damn good money. XD

I'm going to have casing eject automatically from a shotgun in my game... umadbro? :D

(It's a SPAS-12, so it's not all that messed up. So there's no need to slap me through the screen. XD)

Very useful tutorial, dude. *claps* :)

StealthBeast responds:

Well yeah. The SPAS-12 can be semi-auto, but even pumps eject. I doubt a gameplay mechanic in your game consists of forcing the player to manually pump.

I'm glad you found this useful, and good luck tightening those 9mm groups on the range. Your "Testing grounds v0.4b" is looking sexy.

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The awesome stuff you find by chance…

I was looking for some nostalgia, went to Wayback Machine to look at Newgrounds as I found it in 2007 (the redesign before this one, I believe), just hit March 2008 hoping that some stuff was preserved that I could still view. I was hoping to be able to use the old audio player, you know, the one with the Badger and Angry Faic and other visualizations that weren't just random colored lines attacking each other? So, like I said, I went to March of 2008, seeing it had a lot of captures. This song happened to be on the front page on the date I selected… title looked promising, and saw it was "general rock", so I figured, "why not?"
I tell you what, you just took me on an awesome blast to the past unintentionally, both in style, and in this site. And you just found yourself a new fan. :)

MattZombie responds:

thanks, you really made my day. rock on

Love it, not really anything to complain about. Lovin' the classic riffage, drums aren't too bad, though the kick could be a little louder. Other than that, rockin' out, lovin' it. 9/10

I've had moments like that, hearing riffs or melodies in a dream. Problem is, I can never remember them long after I wake up. My initial solution was to record myself humming it. The result? I end up sounding like I'm drunk humming a song. I'm even so out of it I even gave myself a disclaimer at the beginning. XD

ZombieZappa responds:

Thanks, man! I ALWAYS have problems with the drums and mixing in general, but I'm still learning so I promise I'll get better at it. LOL

Usually the dreams don't stick around, but the riffs and the ideas do, even if I don't immediately notice, they just find their way into my writing. I hear you on the whole drunk humming part: I did the exact samething one morning and I could not tell what the hell I was singing. LOL!

8D !_! @_@
That is all...

Not really. XD
I love this! For some reason, this reminds me of Sonic 3's Ice Cap Zone... not the music, just the zone itself. One second... *plays S3 Ice Cap silenced with this in the background* Holy crap, that IS very fitting! :D Fast-paced in the beginning, bit of a breakdown for some calmness, still enough action-y awesomeness to keep you listening, then back to the fast-paced bit... and then the re-introduction-- wait a sec. This is a loop?!?! I've been listening to this for ten minutes!! Damn you Supersteph and your epic compositioning skillz, mesmerizing and distracting meh!! XD

Step responds:

Hey man, nice to hear from you again!

Yeah I guess this WOULD fit in a Sonic game. But what would I know, I've only played Sonic Colours haha. And one old Sonic game whose name I can't remember.

Really glad you thought it looped seamlessly. I think it's the most smooth loop I've ever done, largely because I thought about doing it around halfway through the track (rather than what I usually do which is finish the whole track and then try and tack on a loop), so I was able to work the structure around to my favour.

Also, I'm Step now, not Supersteph. So call me Step unless you want me to start calling you cdjproductions :3.

Thanks for dropping by!

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If I had to guess, I'd say... a Leopard II?

"I don't think I could mentally handle that..."

"But I guess it depends if he went head or legs first, right?"
Looks like someone went crunchy-crunchy.
Either way, good idea and good art, but I'm not sure if it's calendar worthy. Good for maybe a poster or something. If you want a good calendar picture, add a background of sorts, so it fits with the month you're going for. Nice job though.

AS2 programmer (in progress), decent at drawing things as well as animating, not really good at writing, and stuff. Lots of stuff. Insert more stuff here. One game in the works, need some help here and there, mostly with level design and enemy AI.

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