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Living a Nightmare Living a Nightmare

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The awesome stuff you find by chance…

I was looking for some nostalgia, went to Wayback Machine to look at Newgrounds as I found it in 2007 (the redesign before this one, I believe), just hit March 2008 hoping that some stuff was preserved that I could still view. I was hoping to be able to use the old audio player, you know, the one with the Badger and Angry Faic and other visualizations that weren't just random colored lines attacking each other? So, like I said, I went to March of 2008, seeing it had a lot of captures. This song happened to be on the front page on the date I selected… title looked promising, and saw it was "general rock", so I figured, "why not?"
I tell you what, you just took me on an awesome blast to the past unintentionally, both in style, and in this site. And you just found yourself a new fan. :)

MattZombie responds:

thanks, you really made my day. rock on

Almost Nothing Almost Nothing

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Love it, not really anything to complain about. Lovin' the classic riffage, drums aren't too bad, though the kick could be a little louder. Other than that, rockin' out, lovin' it. 9/10

I've had moments like that, hearing riffs or melodies in a dream. Problem is, I can never remember them long after I wake up. My initial solution was to record myself humming it. The result? I end up sounding like I'm drunk humming a song. I'm even so out of it I even gave myself a disclaimer at the beginning. XD

ZombieZappa responds:

Thanks, man! I ALWAYS have problems with the drums and mixing in general, but I'm still learning so I promise I'll get better at it. LOL

Usually the dreams don't stick around, but the riffs and the ideas do, even if I don't immediately notice, they just find their way into my writing. I hear you on the whole drunk humming part: I did the exact samething one morning and I could not tell what the hell I was singing. LOL!

Polargeist Polargeist

Rated 5 / 5 stars

8D !_! @_@
That is all...

Not really. XD
I love this! For some reason, this reminds me of Sonic 3's Ice Cap Zone... not the music, just the zone itself. One second... *plays S3 Ice Cap silenced with this in the background* Holy crap, that IS very fitting! :D Fast-paced in the beginning, bit of a breakdown for some calmness, still enough action-y awesomeness to keep you listening, then back to the fast-paced bit... and then the re-introduction-- wait a sec. This is a loop?!?! I've been listening to this for ten minutes!! Damn you Supersteph and your epic compositioning skillz, mesmerizing and distracting meh!! XD

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Step responds:

Hey man, nice to hear from you again!

Yeah I guess this WOULD fit in a Sonic game. But what would I know, I've only played Sonic Colours haha. And one old Sonic game whose name I can't remember.

Really glad you thought it looped seamlessly. I think it's the most smooth loop I've ever done, largely because I thought about doing it around halfway through the track (rather than what I usually do which is finish the whole track and then try and tack on a loop), so I was able to work the structure around to my favour.

Also, I'm Step now, not Supersteph. So call me Step unless you want me to start calling you cdjproductions :3.

Thanks for dropping by!

SkyGuardian-Metaljonus SkyGuardian-Metaljonus

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Can't... find... the SIX BUTTON!!!! DX<

Haha, another one of the awesome songs of Jon... too awesome? Is there such a thing?!?! XD
Very fitting for DBZ if you ask me, very much kick-ass-ed-ness indeed. :D I honestly prefer this version to the newer one for some reason... I just like it more, don't know why, but I do. :) Come to think of it, I'm a huge fan of most of your older submissions. I guess there's just something about your older tracks, something I just love... I'm still trying to figure it out. ^^ Heck, I'm still trying to figure out who kicks more ass, you or Xeno?! The battle never ceases! XD

Shady Operations Shady Operations

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good composition? Indeed. (Like usual... :3) Not necessarily all that sneaky-sounding to me though. In my opinion, the major key signature kind of kills the sneaky mood in a way. You know, it sounds a little too happy... mostly in the end. It worked for the intro, but ending it, well, I'm not sure. That's just me though. Still nice-sounding. :D

Step responds:

Rather than major, this is in lydian, which is kinda like major except with the fourth note sounding a semitone higher. Yeah I see what you mean, although I mainly wanted to add that major chord at the end to signify that whatever sneaky operation went on, it has been done. Yes I have no idea from where I come up with this stuff either :3.

I'm glad you like it! Hope it does well in the contest. I'm not very happy with it but my other contest entry has a messed-up ending and frankly I don't think I'm even going to place since there are only four spots and at least 1001 talented participants, give or take.

Thanks for reviewing dude.

WIP Collection (Part 2) WIP Collection (Part 2)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

14 is what I want to see get finished the most... I thought that one was started from late 2010? ;D
Bunch of stuff to work on, and all of it is pretty freakin' sweet. Though I've been waiting on that New Day for a looooong time, dude. :)

Firefreezer responds:

Hehe yea, the first FL-save is from november 2010. I guess I didn't render it before 2011.
Of course I could work on all of them, but I got no ideas left. I knew you would like to listen to all the stuff I (almost) never talked about. :)

To Reach Equilibrium To Reach Equilibrium

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Despite the fact that this was just the teaser back in my senior year of HS, this is my favorite version of Reach Equilibrium. Mainly because of that "cheesy" piano. Why didn't you keep it in?? D:
Very awesome metal kick-ass-ed-ness either way, dude. :)

Angel Without Wings (BS) Angel Without Wings (BS)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty good, dude. Drums, yeah, like you said, a bit off-beat. Vocals don't sound bad, but they sound far away, too much reverb/echo. The guitars start sounding a little off-beat too at about 2:16, but I guess once you get those drums straightened out, yeah. It IS the backbone of keeping tempo after all.

Skabnoxious Skabnoxious

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh man. Nearly two years this has been here. Why no this been animated?!
Haha great job guys, this is ridiculous like the internet and stuff that's ridiculous. :D

disharmonious distortion disharmonious distortion

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Half-assed messing around gone good? Yes.
This will need a remake sometime soon dude! Sounds freakin awesome for just screwing around.
Super rock intro, followed by the clean "Doumaaa" guitaring, followed by more distortion, followed by an outro that leaves us all wanting more. MOAR I SAY!!!

Doumaaa responds:

lol respect, aweesome review :D yeaaaah moar is so hard, takes so much time when I really wanna make songs out of these things.. Thanks for another cool review CJ and it's nice to hear you enjoy the "doumaaa guitaring" ;)

oh and I just remembered, I did come up with another overdrive riff the other day, I think I might make something quick out of that one and post it