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Fort Fight Fort Fight

Rated 4 / 5 stars

First of all, the intro to the menu was pretty good looking. The introductory cutscene was damn funny. (Haven't seen any others because I've not gotten past the first level yet, but I've only tried a couple times.) Music was very nice and fitting. The controls were… decent. I have no gripe with the placement of them, I actually like the idea of basing it on real flight controls, including the aileron roll (not a barrel roll ;D) to invert the controls. Was able to pull off figure-8s even using that. XD

My griping is more with the responsiveness of said controls. They're too sensitive. I get that this game was made in a bit of a haste, but the thing turns too fast too fast. Yes, I mean exactly what I just typed. It probably would've been better for the anglular change to accelerate from zero to what the speed is in the game, rather than instantly turn. It's not too big an issue though. Overall, the controls, while sort of counter-intuitive, are decent. (I cannot fucking stand these reviews that say "omg horrible controls 0/10" "unplayable broken controls u suck" "up is down an down is up? wtf 0." It's like all they did was hit play and gave up the first time, didn't even bother to try to learn it. There's an instruction selection for a reason.)

The weapons were decent. There was no need for anyone to complain about the "slow gun" because you could fire it like semi-auto, as fast as you can press the spacebar. I personally think bombs would've been a great addition to the weapon selection. Nothing else really there for me to talk about.

In fact, there's nothing else I can really get on about on this game, having only played the first level. As far as I've played, it's smooth, controls are decent and are really responsive, your arsenal isn't terribly limited, and the one cutscene I watched was funny. Pretty good for a hasty game. :)

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Potatoman responds:

Thank you for all the insight man! I wish I had responded to this earlier! I will definitely keep your review in mind with my future games. <3

Accelerator Accelerator

Rated 5 / 5 stars

"…made you wanna keep playing their game about… squares…" (Sorry, Sequelitis quote. XD)
Those damned squares… *flips off squares*
This game is ridiculously awesome, what with the "I KNOW I can beat that" to "WHERE DID THAT WALL COME FROM?! #%@$%!!!" :)
Reminds me of Atari's 80s arcade games like Tempest and Battlezone, what with the 3D vector look and title screen and whatnot. :D
I've only gotten 1200 unlocked so far, but that'll change soon… hopefully…
If you could produced this for an arcade cabinet, you'd be makin' some damn good money. XD

Artist's guide to the Gun Artist's guide to the Gun

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm going to have casing eject automatically from a shotgun in my game... umadbro? :D

(It's a SPAS-12, so it's not all that messed up. So there's no need to slap me through the screen. XD)

Very useful tutorial, dude. *claps* :)

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StealthBeast responds:

Well yeah. The SPAS-12 can be semi-auto, but even pumps eject. I doubt a gameplay mechanic in your game consists of forcing the player to manually pump.

I'm glad you found this useful, and good luck tightening those 9mm groups on the range. Your "Testing grounds v0.4b" is looking sexy.

The Square Game The Square Game

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Okay, not bad, decent little platformer. The warnings are really unnecessary. If the player just respawns without a penalization aside from having to start over in that section, let them learn from their mistakes. And usually it's a given that in most generic platformers, red things and spikes kill you. A parallax background would be nice, especially for the long straightaways, so you can tell you're actually going somewhere, you know? Another note, that one "blank" section is really unfair. You give the player two choices. It's one thing to challenge the player, but taking away the ability to tell where you are at all is just... wrong.
Not a bad job on the physics itself, though jumping up to higher ground could use a little work, but it's not bad.

Newgrounds medals: EXT Newgrounds medals: EXT

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Ignoranimus below - cannot ignore ignorance... The lack of medals doesn't matter. It's not the point of this flash. The point is mainly to inform you on medal information such as what games have them and how to include them in your game. Which it does. Yes, working medals would be nice, but it'd be too easy anyway. You don't want to at least TRY to EARN your medals?

Ninja Run Ninja Run

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Okay, neat animation, nice quick little game idea...

But a good bit of this was not very well thought out...

1. The jump mechanic just feels wrong. Most players are used to a jump where you go up, your ascent SLOWS, and you BEGIN to descend. You should not SNAP into the opposite direction at the top of your jump.
2. Some gaps are impossible to cross early on. I played quite a few rounds and found myself ALMOST making it from a lower rooftop to a higher one at least 5 or 6 times. ALMOST. You shouldn't make the player have to jump from the last possible pixel of a ledge in order to make it across. I understand there's the upgrade shop, but as of however many tries I've taken already, I only have 3 points. That said...
3. The points system. I don't really understand how it operates. Is it supposed to be based on distance? Off of obstacles avoided? What? I don't see a corelation of any sort as many times as I've attempted.
4. The object placement is completely random. Yes, I get that it's supposed to change up the variety, but it should be within a certain containment, not just anywhere. I've ran into bricks that were placed immediately after a landing countless times. Or they'll be so close to the jumping ledge that if I try to jump over them I'll fall into a pit, or alternatively, if I trip over them and try to jump after, I'll fall into a pit.

Seriously, I'd advise fixing this. At least you can just update the file. Hope this helps for future content.

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Commando Attack Commando Attack

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad for a prototype dude. :)

Controls are pretty good, add an ability to roll (like hold 's' and press 'a' or 'd').
I'd also suggest make more than a couple weapons available. (I know it's just a prototype, but still, throwing it out there.) Machine guns, flame throwers, possibly lazors, exploding chickens... just remember to use the appropriate graphic for the player's weapon.
Environment doesn't look bad, just wish there was a little more variety in it. Not in the level design itself, but more in the tiles and background. Try and see if you can get the BG to scroll as well, like parallax scrolling.
Enemies need to jump less, they seem like frogs on meth or something. And I'd suggest making their projectiles a little slower, give the player some time to react and dodge. (I died on the first level when I first attempted. DX)
Overall, this looks like a pretty good work-in-progress. Looking forward to the final turnout. :)

Mr. Runner 2 Mr. Runner 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not that great.

This is just a Meatboy rip on art, rules on how you die, and physics with max speed increased and acceleration rate decreased. In other words it's SMB with a crappy attempt at Sonic speed. Good art, I'll give you that, but it doesn't look original. Even the menu art screams "SUUUUPEERRRRR MEAT BOOOOOYYY!!!"

<Semi-decent if it was original. If you do like this, go play the real Super Meat Boy>