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Testing grounds v0.4b

2013-10-05 00:34:20 by UltimateCJ64

Okay fellas, for any of y'all who may have been keeping up, I had launched a new testing grounds in my last post. THIS ONE has had some drastic improvements and important features now.

1. No more ladder/ledge glitching. I think. Used to be able to jump off the ladder before you completely climbed over and screw up the player MC so you couldn't do anything.
2. You can actually hold on to the ladders all the time jumping on now without falling backwards a second and looking like a desperate kitty.
3. Rolling and climb-over animations are a LOT smoother.
4. Used to be when you were rolling you could continuously roll without holding the down arrow, just keep pressing JUMP repeatedly and you'd keep rolling. Fixed.
5. Controls have now officially swapped sides. Used to use the WASD for movement and arrows for the "SNES" buttons.

2. When on slopes, the player will crouch instead of completely going prone. It just looks better. (Thanks Step!)

Well, that's all for now. I'm continuing to work on this project as you read this. Unless I'm sleeping. Because I do need to sleep on a regular basis. So, until next update, have an awesome day. :)


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2013-10-05 02:08:12

This Is really really really COOL! Character is awesome! I cant wait!

UltimateCJ64 responds:

Why thank you Man of Potatoes! :D


2013-10-05 18:59:13


UltimateCJ64 responds:



2013-10-05 22:15:05

Poh Tah toh Mon


2013-10-06 16:35:47

This is awesome! It runs smoother than a lot of other games I have played that were similar. I really enjoyed the concept.

1 idea - While inside the tank, I noticed that pressing either direction also points the machine gun in that direction regardless of where it was before. If you could make the aim of the weapons independent of the movement, I think that would be really cool.

Good luck, man!

UltimateCJ64 responds:

Thanks dude! I still remember y'all from a while ago. XD

As for the tank's machine gun thing, I was kinda basing it off of Metal Slug. You know, how when you drove around, your MG would follow the direction you were traveling? (Although the cannon faced the same direction no matter what.) Maybe I could have a sort of transmission lock, where you can continue to travel in the same direction while aiming independently, kinda like a cruise control thing, similar to the player's "static aim" thing. I'm not completely sure if that'd throw people off a little bit though, but it's something I'll consider. :)


2013-10-07 11:25:37

Woo, I managed to do a summersault! Never knew such moves existed. This is looking good... and the keys changed too!

UltimateCJ64 responds:

Yep, seemed better to go with that than the laying down dash (where you skid forward on your back for a second). It'll have the same effect gameplay-wise though.
And I hope that key change helped a bit. :)


2013-10-07 12:20:27

Key change is definitely a pro, though when I first attempted moving around it turned out the old combination had stuck to mind already. :P

UltimateCJ64 responds:

Heheh, my bad. :D