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Gettin' cookin'...

2013-09-22 01:45:55 by UltimateCJ64

So, we now have the flamethrower/flame-whip, behaves pretty much like the one in Contra 3. :D

On top of that, I've also added ejecting shell casings, which disappear momentarily after you shoot them. Why? Because I don't want them using up unnecessary memory that I could be using to REALLY make the game look awesome. :D

I've also fixed the pits so when you fall down them, you "respawn" back on dry land. No, I do not have the health or lives set up yet, but it will come at some point. For now, I need to sleep, and then work on some more stuff for this. And then deal with another week workin' them details... Humvees don't PMCS themselves, you know, and I want mine fixed already for the next field exercise... I freakin' hate having a brokedick vehicle. Scouts need decent equipment... yet infantrymen get MaxPros? So much for high-speed...

UPDATE: Fixed the platforming crap so that you don't "teleport" when jumping upwards due to the horizontal collision tests. Changed it so it checks your sides at _y+10 when on the ground (closer to the middle) and _y+25 when in the air (closer to the feet). But what happens when you come up against a platform with a wall 5 above it? A better question might be "why would I be stupid enough to put one like that?"

UPDATE #2: Ladies and gentlemen, we now have grenades... with left and right panning! :D Well, we already had grenades, they just didn't go "BOOM!" until this afternoon. Looked for explosion animations for inspiration, gave up, got lazy, and just scripted the explosions, so no two are the same. I think when I take another break from this project, I'll make a quick tutorial on how to make scripted explosions. :)


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2013-09-22 06:34:53

THIS is fawking awesome! :)
You're gettin' somewhere here, my man!
Looks pretty damn professional!

UltimateCJ64 responds:

Heheh, thanks dude! It's on its way... I'm hoping that by the time I finish, not many people will believe that one self-taught guy put it all together. :D


2013-09-24 12:09:21

Nice game engine! The only thing that bothers me a bit are the controls. Don't know if it's possible in Flash, but could you make left mouse button shoot, scroll toggle between weapons; space jump? It feels like that's the natural way of controlling a character. Either that, or movement with arrow buttons and action buttons on the left side of the keyboard.

UltimateCJ64 responds:

Yeah, the controls definitely are NOT final, it's just a setup that I'm used to (what with controllers having the Dpad or left thumbstick controlling movement most of the time). Once all's said and done, I'll swap the sides so it seems a little more natural. Thing other thing with the controls is that I wanted the game to play like Contra 3 and Contra Hard Corps (and a little bit of Metal Slug, but that'll be down the road), so the mouse aim would kind of kill that vibe. :)
(Plus I'm lazy. :D)