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Oy! Forgot I could make newsposts... XD

2013-09-10 09:32:42 by UltimateCJ64

Okay, what's up guys? Little bit of an update since... never made an initial newspost to start with... XD

Anyways, for those of you who don't know me or do know me or-- okay enough confusion, I WAS cdjproductions, but I created a new account (this one) a few years ago when I was young since my parents were giving me shit about my account and how I'll look bad by association and blah-blah-blabbity-bleh! (I honestly don't understand half the shit they rant and rave about.) So, this is my current and actually active account. Still have a few things I need to re-upload... XD

Recently got out of basic training, or one station unit training actually, and been training at my current duty station in New York. A lot. So I haven't really had time to start working on some of my stuff except in bits and pieces at a time.

I'm a partial musician and partial artist. I can also code a little bit of AS2. Flash 8 is all I have and can afford, so don't get on me about updating to AS3.

Updates? Uh, right now I got a Tankmen game underway, gameplay inspired by Contra 3, and... well, I'm working on it. Concepted when I was back in high school since I found the April Fool's Tankmen game... I hate that guy so much. XD
Originally there was a WHOLE LOT OF CRAP that I was gonna put into the game, but of course, my procrastinating and my attempting to do so much at once got the best of me. So here I am, trying again, and dumbed it down a bit to where it's actually possible to do! Comment for a quick look if you care to. :D


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